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What Are the Current Issues Related to Education in Our Community

Community Connection, Explore a Greater Change, Demand Transparency

School Bus & Children

Education for a Better Future

Maintaining quality and aptly funded and resourced education that meets our communities diverse needs, and supports our students, our staff and parents or guardians. Delivering on the fundementals of Education, beyond literacy and numeracy, it means different things to different people. Maintaining and respecting the Parents role and involvement in their childs Education. Supporting and build on our strengths in Indigenous Education and French Immersion. Financial sustainability, in the face of unfunded inflationary pressures, and continued growth in education needs. People are experiencing significant financial strain and have no or limited capacity to pay for services or for further tax increases. Innovation in public education funding, delivery models and strong financial management is needed to address these challenges. Providing a safe, caring and inclusive environment for all of our children. Investing in our people (all staff) to ensure they are well supported in this very important work. It take a community to do this work. Children’s safe arrival at school, busing and traffic congestion. Community engagement on key decisions related to district facilities and lands. Residual Impact of COVID on students, staff and families.

I invite you to share your thoughts on the priorities, strengths and challenges you see for education in our community. These priorities and issues are what I have come to appreciate so far. I will continue to learn from our community and update this overview. I thank you for sharing your thoughts with me and encourage you to continue to do so.

The Approach I Will Take if Elected as School Board Trustee

Listen to you, explore the possibilities, ask lots of questions and advocate for quality education that meets the priorities and needs of our community, supported by appropriate funding. Collectively Plan for the future, but recognize we live in the now. Preserve student well-being as a core decision principle, while seeking innovation in methods and funding. Work Together with all parties to ensure that all of our students and children realize their full potential and personal goals. Leverage my experience and networks to the benefit of our education system, children and community. Support Indigenous Education, respecting Indigenous governance, ways and long built relationships. Support educational programming that delivers the fundamentals of education (literacy, numeracy), while preparing students for the paths that may follow secondary school, including French immersion, the trades and the arts. Practice sound governance and financial stewardship using strong budgeting discipline to align the financial, capital, and human resources with our strategic priorities and plan. Model a culture of integrity, accountability, inclusiveness, and care in all my dealings. Maintain an Open Mind and an Open Heart, listen to community needs, explore diverse ideas and perspectives.

In My Experience, A Journey Taken Together Builds Trust, Understanding and Leads to Mutually Respectful Relations.

Reviewing Reports at Desk

How We Go About This Important Work Matters

Community Identified Issues and Priorities

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