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Cheryl Wenezenki-Yolland has deep roots in the community and has long been dedicated to serving it. Saanich Peninsula has been her home for 40 years. Cheryl and her partner currently reside in North Saanich. Cheryl is a mother, partner, daughter, sister, and aunty to many and enjoys every aspect of these connections. Cheryl draws strength from her strong family connection and sense of service.

Cheryl is a committed professional who draws on all aspects of her life experience to address the task or challenge at hand. Cheryl practices compassionate leadership, embracing a coaching approach to learning and growth. Cheryl does not shy away from hard questions or hard work; her perseverance and willingness to learn and grow have driven much success. As a former Deputy Minister of Advanced Education and Provincial Comptroller General 

Cheryl believes in the capacity of people to rise up, realize their potential and growth throughout life. She believes strongly in public education and the important role accessible and inclusive public education plays in supporting our children and students to realize this potential.

Cheryl is a champion for strong governance and believes wholeheartedly that practicing a culture of integrity, strong accountability and transparency are critical in the stewardship of public resources and public education.


To learn more about Cheryl Wenezenki-Yolland, her goals and beliefs, explore the site, and if you have any questions please get in touch. 

Communtity~ Service ~ Public Policy ~ Accountant ~ Life Learning ~ Perservance ~Family ~Compassion


A Commitment to Service

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