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My Candidate Statement

The Journey Taken Together Builds Trust and Leads to Mutually Respectful Relations

My Candidate Statement

I am pleased to have this opportunity to run for the School Board Trustee, representing North Saanich. Having recently retired from a full career in the BC Public Service I am keen to find new ways to continue to serve my community.

During my time as the Deputy Minister of Advanced Education I realized I have a passion for strengthening our education system, and find a strong sense of purpose in the work. Like many others I care deeply about our children and their future. Education plays a critical role in preparing them for what is ahead and contributes significantly to the people they will become.

The co-creation approach used in during two significant education projects on focused on developing a new policy framework for "Aboriginal Post Secondary Education" and International Education, drove home the point that for me, I find great joy, success, and innovative solutions in cooperation and collaboration with all affected parties. In this case, parents & guardians, teachers, students, board trustees, district staff and support staff, Indigenous and community partners, and the different levels of government, it really does take a village to raise a child.

Having spent many years in leadership, audit and evaluation I am an avid questioner. I believe my strengths in public service, multi-partner collaboration, governance, finance and policy offer a unique skill set that would bring new perspective, yet complementary skills to the work of the Saanich School Board. This diversity on the board is likely to be beneficial in light of some of the issues and emerging risks currently being faced by the district.

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