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Why I Am Running

My Core Values, of Family, Service, Perseverance, Well-Being and Compassion Inform My Choices

Why I  Am Running

As a Public Servant my fundamental role and character has been to ’serve’. Having recently retired I maintain my desire to ’serve’ and use my experience and knowledge to the benefit of our community.

I believe in the importance of balanced public education. I have a passion to champion an effective, positive, and inclusive education system. This means appropriately resourcing and supporting both our teachers and our students. It means provide support for diverse path ways, as success looks different for each person. It means ensuring all of our child can arrive at school with the confidence that they are safe and that they belong.

Having a strong background in finance, I find myself concerned about the financial sustainability of public education. A growing community and changing society, demands more from our public education. There is significant competition for tax-payers dollars, the main source of funding for public education, and community members have little or no capacity for further tax increases. Yet, I see the challenge as an opportunity for creativity and engagement. I find joy, success, and innovative solutions come from cooperating and collaborating with all affected parties.

I believe that my passion for balanced education with my training, experience and desire will positively contribute to achieving our education goals within District.

Click on the View More button if you would like to see my full statement on why I am standing for election to School Board Trustee

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